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Symposium Scope:

  • Combustion Sciences and Chemical Physics
  • Heat & Fluid physics
  • Materials Sciences (Metals and Alloys, Ceramics, Semiconductors, Soft matters)
  • Thermophysical Properties (Measurements & Properties)
  • Levitation (Electrostatic, Electromagnetic, Acoustic, Aerodynamic)
  • Crystal Growth and Soft Matters (Protein and Colloid)
  • Fundamental physics
  • Life Sciences and biotechnology (Microbiology, Plants, Foods, Radiational and Gravitational Effect)
  • Ground-based Microgravity Research and Facilities/Techniques of Microgravity Experiments
  • Space & Microgravity Industries
  • Space Medicine & Astronauts
  • Space Experiments utilizing Small Satellites
  • Manned Space Mission, Space Policy and Strategy, Etc.

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